The “I AM” male mentorship program is a formal program of The Royal Foundation. The program exposes young males to positive role models and progressive lifestyles which will inspire these young males to remain in school, set positive goals for their adult lives, and build a rich relationship with God. This program targets South Carolina’s Tri-County area (Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester) 5th – 12th graders and focuses on academic excellence, character building, positive peer relationships, spiritual enrichment, and success after graduation.

Academic Excellence. Expecting each student to work at their maximum level toward a set of external standards as defined by the state, district, and/or school.
Character Building. Providing students with positive mental and moral qualities.
Positive Peer Relationships. Providing an environment where students learn to value themselves, appreciate their peers, respect females, and develop meaningful and significant relationships with one another.
Success After Graduation. Exposing students to different career and educational opportunities.
Spiritual Enrichment. Providing students with the opportunity to satisfy their inner needs and enhance their spiritual growth.

The program intends to accomplish the following:
• teach positive traits like teamwork, good grooming, appearance, and positive behavior
• improve literacy, advance STEM initiatives and reduce health disparities
• address topics such as peer pressure, attitude, physical and cyber bullying, relationships with women, drugs, violence, etc. that will impact a young person’s decision making process and expose participants to career, cultural, and educational opportunities
• connect positive local citizens and college students with youth throughout the community to promote healthy mental, physical and spiritual behaviors
• build a stronger community by supporting our future leaders and citizens

North Charleston Police Department Asst. Chief Reggie Burgess talks to the group about how to interact with law enforcement.

The “I AM” Mentorship Program meets once a month on Saturdays on the campus of Royal Missionary Baptist Church. Our Saturday sessions address specific topics as a program and we also have small group sessions that focus on decision-making requirements along with information-sharing.
Throughout the month, the “I AM” Mentorship Program participates in various community service projects. Our community service projects provide an opportunity for program participates to develop a better understanding of the role civic activities have in our society and their contribution to the local community. It also is a great opportunity to apply the principles of service, volunteerism, and work.

Some of our Community Service Projects:

The Charleston Marathon is a volunteer-driven non-profit community event to benefit the Youth Endownment for the Arts. Our students help provide any logistical support needed to make this event a success.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a nonprofit home improvement store and donation center that sells new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more to the public at a fraction of the retail price. Our students help organize the items and made them easily accessible for customers.

The Lowcountry Food Bank serves the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina and aims to distribute more than 24 million pounds of food each year. Our students help separate can goods, fruits and vegetables in support of hunger relief.

Girl Scout Troop #387 is one of the most active troops in South Carolina and one of the largest in the Tri-County. During cookie season, our students help transport and organize boxes in support of their cookie sale.
The “I AM” Male Mentorship Program also exposes our young males to different educational and exciting activities. The program participates in college seminars, youth summits, professional and college sporting events and other activities.

The program participates in meaningful community events like the “Stop the Violence Youth Run for Life” in North Charleston, SC. The event raised awareness about all forms of violence and promoted prevention programs for youth in the area.

To begin the enrollment process for your child, please click here: Member Application. Once the application is completed and received by the program, a representative from our organization will set up a time to discuss the next steps in this process. Please also like our group page on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s going on in the program. Important information for becoming a Mentee.

The program has incorporated a Participation Point System that calculates your child’s attendance. The attendance will equate to a discount on Sporting activities (NFL, NBA game, etc.), priority seating, prizes, and/or special recognition. Special considerations will take effect once a student achieves 50 points. Please review the program calendar for the list of activities and events.
• Monthly Mentoring Session 10 points
• Community Service Project 10 points
• Fundraisers /Events 15 points
• Classes 10 points

Being an Adult Mentor
The heartbeat of the “I AM” Male Mentorship Program is the Adult Male Mentors.

An Adult Mentor is assigned to individual students. The Adult Mentor provides positive academic encouragement, sets achievable goals, assists with career exploration, supports emotionally, builds confidence and spends time with the students (quality versus quantity).

The “I AM” Male Mentorship program does everything possible to protect the well-being of our young boys, our adults and our organization.

Here are the other requirements to be an Adult Mentor:
• Must complete an application
• Character reference checks (personal and professional)
• Interview process
• Must be at least 21 years of age
• Must have a high school diploma or GED
• National background check is required
• National sex offender registry check required
• Must attend 2 hour training course
• Must make a long-term commitment to actively participate in each mentoring session

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