Empowering People To Succeed!

The Royal Foundation is closely connected with Royal Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Isaac Holt, Jr.

Education – Stressing the importance of education and healthy family relationships.

Male Mentorship -The program exposes young males to positive role models and progressive lifestyles which will inspire these young males to remain in school, set positive goals for their adult lives, and build a rich relationship with God.

Royal Summer Academy – A summer academy designed to prepare children ages 6 to 11 both spiritually and academically for excellence in school through continued educational and cultural enrichment experiences.

Economics – Helping people through economic empowerment.

Health & Wellness – Promoting healthy lifestyles.

Project Renewal – Offering legal education and hope for a second chance.

Financial Peace 2017 Graduates

In 9 weeks this class paid off $16,078 in non-mortgage debt, saved $32,248 and paid off 25 credit cards! Big thanks to Financial Peace University Facilitators Ann McGill and Kia Barnes!!!

Congratulations to New Home Owner, Ciara!

Ciara attended the home buyer workshop in November 2016. With guidance from our lending partner, First Citizens Bank, she successfully qualified for a home loan and closed April 2017.

Advanced Computer Class
2017 Graduates

Congratulations to the entire class of advanced computing students on their success! In the advanced computing class, the focus was on using the internet and email.

Volunteers, We Appreciate You!

Want to make a difference in your community? Become a volunteer! The Royal Foundation welcomes your support.

The Foundation operates its programs primarily through the use of volunteers. If you are available to provide general assistance or have a specific skill in, or passion for one of our primary focus areas (health & wellness, education, economics, and renewal programs are for individuals who have been convicted of a crime), please contact us. We believe that you will receive even more than you gave when you volunteer your skills and talents to help the community.

We need you. Please consider donating or volunteering your time to The Royal Foundation. Thank you for your generosity!